Woodhead Saves the Farm

Voted "Year's Best" by Parent's Magazine and Sesame Street Parents

Bumbling farm hand Woodhead has accidentally made a mess of the entire farm! Can he get things back to normal before U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy and a horde of T. V. reporters arrive for Family Farm Day?!

Join Woodhead, the Farm Kids, Dudley the Donkey and all the farm animals as they learn how teamwork can solve any problem!


Fishing For Trouble

Family Fun Video

When comedy performers Waldo & Woodhead are invited to perform on a prestigious four-story showboat, all seems well. That is until Woodhead decides he would rather try his luck at fishing - something the boat captain strictly forbids.

Join Waldo & Woodhead in their misadventures and comic juggling performance on-board the mighty Branson Belle.

Internationally renowned stage and film actor, Woody Keppel has charmed audience throughout the world as the hilarious and whimsical, "Mr. Woodhead."


Mr. Woodhead's Party in the Animal Barn

There's a new sound in children's music, and it's all on the debut CD collection from Woody Keppel called Mr. Woodhead's Party in the Animal Barn.

If you've ever wondered about the inner life of farm animals, the title track "Party in the Animal Barn" will definitely give you something else to ponder. It is a rockin' song that tells an imaginative story of what happens when a farmer and his wife go out one night. After listening to Dudley jam on the saxophone, you may never look at donkey the same way!