What they're saying...

"Waldo & Woodhead are the funniest and most original act I've ever seen!"
Gregory Hines

"Cyclones hit the South Pacific, but none quite like the one that blasted through Auckland, New Zealand. The Waldo & Woodhead mixture of musical mayhem, lightening-fast juggling and devasting comedy struck the perfect note for ten delirious days."
John Maybury, Auckland, New Zealand

"More worthy of attention than the tall ships!"
Boston Globe

"Energy, vitality, fun and enormous talent exude from your shows. Your popularity with the public was demonstrated by very large crowds - their laughter, their joy, and their deafening applause!"
Barbara Absolon, Entertainment Director, Expo '88 Australia

"The staff wish to extend our personal congratualtions to Waldo & Woodhead in recognition of your People's Choice Award, presented by the Ford Motor Company of Canada, and your Reader's Choice Award, presented by the Chronicle Herald and Mail Star. Your contribution was both generous and genuine. We believe that this recognition is justly deserved."
David Peachy, International Performer's Festival, Halifax, Novia Scotia

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